Char Cloth Tube (Colonial Reproduction)

From $8.95


Never worry about running out of char cloth to start a fire again!
Our exact reproduction of a colonial time period designed char tube not only replaces your char cloth in your Flint & Steel Fire Starting kits but also can act as a flaming match buy igniting the end of the hemp inside the char tube directly with a Ferro rod.
  • WATERPROOF Wax Infused Natural Hemp cord Tinder will ignite with a single spark. It works seamlessly with your Flint and Steel, Ferro Rods or Any Other Fire Starters. Proprietary wax-infused natural hemp cord works in all weather conditions.
  • FLUFF IT & LIGHT IT. Simply fray the ends of the tinder wick each time you go to light it by twisting and separating all the fibers making it fluffy. Then watch it instantly ignite from the sparks of a Ferro Rod.
  • MORE THAN 60 Minutes of Burn Time! Thickness 15/64″ x 15″ in total length. The aluminum bellows can control burn rate or snuff flame out. It lasts longer than you think.
  • PREMIUM Black Anodized Bellow. Aluminum alloy bellow cools quickly and is lightweight. 3.15″ Long compact enough for your pocket, but long enough to keep you safely away from the flames.
  • Item Included: 6 x Wax Infused Natural Hemp Cords and 6 x aluminum bellows*. 

*Ferro rod not included