About Us and Our School

Our philosophy is a little different from other Outdoor Survival and Self Reliant Schools so please read on to make sure our philosophy matches your philosophy.

The most important thing to me and my staff is that you leave your class knowing the skills that you came here to learn. That is the best value for your money and the best adverting that we can buy when you go home and show your friends and family what you have just learned. Thats why we keep our classes small (typically under 15 students and a high teacher to student ratio (typically around 5 to 1).

We believe in a stepped approach to learning a new skill, stacking the deck in your Fvor and then gradually making things harder as your skill improves. So when we are teaching you how to do a Bow Drill fire for the first time we use good materials, in good conditions while you are struggling to get your body position correct, your breathing right, the correct downward pressure, your wrist locked into your shin, while your maintaining your balance and bowing level to the ground before we use natural, slightly crooked wood we get from the forest to make an all natural Bow Drill set. Using an “all natural set” on your first attempts, without having the skills , techniques and knowledge of ever making a bow drill fire is a guarentee to frustration and failure. We are not into failure at Midwest Native Skills!