Buckskin Tone Bandana

From $6.95


If you want your bandana to help you blend into your surroundings our exclusive, Extra-Large¬† (27″ x 27″) “Buckskin-tone Bandana” will do the trick.

We had these made extra large so that tying them around or over your head is a simply task, no need to worry about short ends or knots coming undone.¬† We also purposely made it with a paisley print so that wearing the bandana in an urban setting will allow you to “blend in” there too (and not look like a “Backwoodsman Rambo” at the supermarket.

Made of 100% cotton, our bandana will performs the duties of acting as a…

  • headband
  • pot holder
  • emergency bandage
  • arm sling
  • primary water filter
  • handkerchiefs
  • face masks
  • dishrag
  • dish towel
  • wash cloth
  • cleaning rag

but its buckskin color will allow it to blend into your woodland surroundings so you can use it as an emergency face covering or equipment cover to conceal what you want to remain concealed.

Extra-Large size (27″ x 27″)
Price $6.95 / 2 for $13