Bow Drill Fire Making Kits & Completed Sets

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Making a fire by “rubbing 2 sticks together” has fascinated people for centuries.  Our ancestors, native or otherwise, needed to to master this fire making technique in order to stay alive.  One of the best ways for you to learn this skill is with one of our “pre-tested” Bow Drill Sets or our Bow Drill Kit.


Bow Drill Kit
Price $19.95  ( 5 or more $18 )

We kept the price of this Bow Drill Kit low since it is primarily intended to be used for group purchase projects (such as each Scout in a Boy Scout Troops or for School Projects) where ever person will be making a Bow Drill.  This kit provides you with all of the basics to make fire fire with the Bow Drill.  The complete instructions will guide you step by step on how you will prepare and string the bow,  have correct cord placement, how to “burn in the fire board and handhold, carve the fire board notch and then make a fire with your completed set.  The instructions will guide you to success in “rubbing two pieces of wood together” to make a fire.

This kits makes an excellent project for your next Boy Scout Troop meeting or for the person who wants to experience making the Bow Drill Set from scratch.

The Kit includes:
•  22″ Flat Oak Bow
•  Oak Hand hold
•  1 cedar spindle blank
•  Cedar fire board
•  6 ft genuine “7 strand” 550 Parachute Cord  (for Bow string)
•  Sample of the correct color of the dust you want to make
•  Beeswax lubricant
•  Both shredded and twine Jute tinder
•  Illustrated Instructions


Deluxe “Hand Carved” Bow Drill Completed Set
Price $29.95

For a complete”Ready-to-Go” Bow Drill Set guaranteed to make fire “out of the box” because its pre-tested, this is the one you want..  These hand-made durable sets are most popular with individuals purchasing a set for themselves or for presenters who plan to give demonstrations.  They are excellent for demonstrations on fire making or your own personal use.

This set is the fastest way for you to learn this ancient Fire Making technique since the spindle is matched to the fire board.  The fire hole is already burned in., and the cord tension is preset and correct.- NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

The Deluxe Set contains:
•  22″ Popular Bow
•  6 ft genuine “7 strand” 550 Parachute Cord  (for Bow string)
•  Oak hand-hold
•  2 Cedar spindles (1 pre-carved and burned in, plus an extra cedar spindle blank for you to carve)
•  Cedar Fire board (with first hole already carved, burned in and notched)
•  Both shredded and twine Jute tinder
•  Sample of the correct color of the dust you want to make
•  Bees wax lubricant
•  Illustrated Instructions
•  Pre-tested and “Fire Ready” right out of the box


Review and Demonstration of the Deluxe Bow Drill Set ($29.95)