Bow Drill Replacement Parts

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Replacement Bows

We offer two types of replacement bows, the oak bow that comes with the Bow Drill Kits and the Popular Bow that comes with the Bow Drill Set
Oak – $9
Popular – $12.95

Our handholds are make from tight grained Oak to insure long life .  Each handhold comes with a supply of bees wax imbedded in the handle for use as a lubricant for the top of the spindle whenever you make a fire.
Oak Hand Holds – $4

Replacement Spindles
Our replacement spindle blanks are made from red cedar and are approx. 9″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″

1 Cedar Spindle blank – $1.95
3 Cedar Spindle blank – $5.00
10 Cedar Spindle blank – $17.50
20 Cedar Spindle blank – $29.95

Pre-Carved Spindles
Our pre-carved cedar spindle  are all carved, pointed on both ends and ready to make fire right out of the box.  They measure approx. 8″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″
1 Cedar Spindle blank – $3.95
3 Cedar Spindle blank – $11.95

Replacement Fire Board
Our replacement fire boards are made from red cedar and measure 3″ x 9″ x  3/4″
1 Cedar Fire Board- $3.95
3 Cedar Fire Boards – 9.95

Fire Board and Spindle (matched set)
This is a cedar fire board and cedar spindle “matched set”that have been mated together for a “ready to go” set up right out of the box.  the spindle have been pre-carved and the fire board has been burned in and notched for you.

1 Fire Board/Spindle (matched set) – $10.95
3 Fire Board/Spindle (matched set) – $29.95

Jute Tinder
This is the same tinder that is included in out Bow Drill Kits and Bow Drill Sets.  This tinder medium, provides the best tinder for practicing or demonstrations.
– The twine comes in a roll of 200′ and perfect for those who want to use it in a Survival Kit , Bug Out Bag or want to simulate the effort of getting natural tinder.  The jute twine must be picked apart and fluffed up before use.

–  The bag is a 1 gallon bag and holds enough pre-shredded just for one person to make 20-30 fires.  It perfect for practicing fire making skills since the jute is pre-shredded for you.

– The Box of Jute is the Best Value and measures 5″ x 5″ x 28″ and weights 5 lbs.  This is intended for Boy Scout Troops or school grounds where there will be a large umber of people learn either the Bow Drill or Flint and Steel Fire making.
Jute Twine Roll – $3.95
Jute 1 gallon bag – $6.95
Box of Jute (5 lbs.) -$49.95
Box of Jute (Boy Scout or School Group Price) – $39.95

Bees Wax  (for reducing friction in the Hand Hold)
Bees Wax is a natural way to provide lubrication for the Bow Drill “Hand-hold”  The 100% pure, all natural Bee’s Wax can also be used for 1000’s of applications from lubricating sticky wooden drawers to making salves and ointment with natural plants.
1 oz. Bars (dark yellow in color – $0.95
1 lb. Block (dark yellow) – $12.95