Frictionless Bow Drill Hand-hold Insert

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Turn any object you have into a “Zero-Friction Hand -hold!
Finding a hand-hold for a  Bow Drill is one of the most challenging parts of the set and getting it low friction is even harder.  Now you can make most any hand-hold into a “zero friction” one so that all of your bowing effort will go right into the fireboard to make your fire instead of 1/2 of your efforts going into the fireboard and the other 1/2 going into the handhold to overcome the friction up there.

Simply drill a 3/4″ drill 1/4″ deep into most anything with a forsner drill bit (available at any hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot) and place a bead of glue around the outside of this Zero-friction bearing and place it into your item.  You now have a “zero friction” handhold ready for your next Bow Drill Fire!  The single-row of sealed Chromium Steel ball bearings will support the radial loads of your spindle allowing all of your downward pressure to be transferred to your fireboard not only making getting a fire easier but cutting down the time it takes to produce a coal by at least 25 %.  The bearing comes per-lubricated and shielded to keep the lubricant in and contaminants, dirt and debris out.

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