Mead Wine Making

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Mead is a wine whose ferment-able ingredients come from honey instead of grapes. It has existed in society for thousands of years and was a favorite beverage traditionally made by monks in the Middle Ages. When honey was harder to collect, it was a drink reserved for upper class citizens. Today, thanks to commercial beekeepers, honey is easier to get and Mead Wine can be made right in your own home.

This 3 hour workshop will teach you in a step by step format how to make Mead wine from scratch. You will learn the age old techniques of creating the “must”, “pitching yeast” and “racking the wine”. See how easy it is to read a hydrometer and check the alcohol content of your Mead with a “vino-meter” and how to bottle your finished wine. Your instructor, Tom Laskowski, a beekeeper and a wine maker for over 25 year, will make this process easy and simple to understand and follow.

Pre-registration is required for this course

Option 1: Wine Kits will be available for purchase at the class for $18.
Option 2: If you would like a Wine Kit and want to make a gallon (5 fifth bottles) of Mead to take home at the class we will also have he3 pounds of raw, unfiltered Honey to make your Mead at class for $20. Total cost for the Wine Kit and the Honey would be $38. You MUST RESERVE your Wine Kit and Honey BEFORE the class so we can have the correct amount of available at the class.

Class Only: $25
Add-on Options…
Wine Kit: $18 (pay at the class)
Wine Kit and Honey for Mead: $38 (pay at the class)