Private “One-On-One” Classes

From $250.00


This is, and always has been, the ideal way to learn.

Survival Skills, Edible/Medicinal Plants, Wine or Moonshine Making…you choose!

You have the opportunity to be taught the subject you want to learn in a one-on-one setting with Tom Laskowski the school’s founder.  The class moves at YOUR pace, faster if you pick up the skills quickly, a little slower if you need a little extra time to perfect the skill.  The entire time is dedicated to you.  The dates and times are arranged for your convenience and the location can either be up in Cleveland, Ohio or Tom will come to you and do the course at a location of your choosing, even at your own home.

Any of the topics that MNSI offers can be taught n a One-on-One basis, however the most popular are the Survival, Fire Making and Homesteading skills courses.  Tom has assisted several people applying for the Survival Reality TV shows to enhance their chances of being selected by the shows producers.

The cost of a One-on-One class is $250 per day for weekday classes and $350 per day for weekend classes.  If you would like a second person to join you their cost would be $100 per day.

Call the school (888-886-5592) if you have an interest in being part of this “Old Way” of learning the “Old Ways” skills


Example of Private Class Options

We received a call from some in who wanted to know if we would do an Edible, Medicinal and Herb Class at their location outside of Ohio.
The answer is “Yes we can!”

Here are the options we gave them:
Option #1  They can drive up to us in Cleveland, Ohio and the cost of this “Private” One-on-One Survival Training Class would be the flat $250 for the day (9AM to 5PM) for weekdays and $350 for weekends.  I typically can cover the Survival 6 Day Class agenda in about 3-4 days with one or two people.  If YOU want to have additional people attend the class with you their cost will be an additional $100 per person.  Homesteading private classes can be mixed and matched to cover the topics YOU want to learn.

Option #2  We could drive down to their location. Their cost for this class would be the standard $250 per day weekdays /$350 per day for weekends plus my actual cost of fuel to get me there and back (I drive a Chevy Suburban that gets 15 mpg). I use MapQuest to get the mileage and time to make the trip and use the gas prices of the day I travel and just calculate it out. Plus I charge $10 per hour for my Travel Time. In this option they save themselves the drive time and the wear and tear on their vehicle and they get the benefit of me showing them what plants are growing in THEIR backyard!  If YOU want to have additional people attend the class with you their cost will be an additional $100 per person.

Weekdays are the best to set up a Private Class since most of our scheduled classes tend to be scheduled on weekends and  people tend to schedule Private Classes on weekends up to a year in advance, however take a look at the calendar on this website to get an idea of what days we do not have classes scheduled. Then give us a call so we can talk further (888-886-5592)