Pistols, Rifle, and Shotgun “Try it Out” Class

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A unique class that not only will give you the basics to shoot a gun safely but also will allow you to shoot different calibers of Handguns, Survival Rifles, Hunting Rifles and Shotguns.  This class was designed for those who have little or no shooting experience and want to learn or for those who want to purchase a weapon but would like to “try out” the various options before making a purchase.

After receiving proper instruction you will start out shooting the very low recoil .22 handguns as your become comfortable with shooting.  Then you will have the opportunity to try out other firearms, moving up in caliber (and recoil) to .25, .32, .380, 9MM, .40 and .45.  This will allow you to determine how much recoil you are comfortable with (this indicating what caliber gun you should purchase).

After your comfortable with handguns we will go on to shotguns, explaining the different types, what a “pattern” means, and the different types of ammunition (shot) and what each is used for.  Then its off to the range for gain some experience shooting a .410, 20 ga., 16 ga., 12 ga., and 10 ga. AR-7, Marlin Papoose, M6 Scout, and the Ruger 10/22 Take-down.  Lastly we will be covering long range rifles and again visit the range to allow you some experience with guns like the AR-15, AK-47, Winchester .270, Winchester .3030 and others.

There is no State or Federal certification given at this course.


You can bring your own ammunition or you can allow us to supply it to you.  Ammunition is expensive so before you choose to bring your own please check the prices of the all the different calibers you will need to bring.  Reloads are NOT ACCEPTABLE for this class.

The ammunition we will be using at class are:


.22 long rifle (400 rounds)
.25 (25 rounds)
.32 (25 rounds)
.38 (25 rounds)
9mm (25 rounds)
.40 pistol (25 rounds)
.45 ACP (25 rounds)


.223 (50 rounds)
.270 (20 rounds)
.3030 (20 rounds)

.410 (10 rounds)
20 ga. (10 rounds) or 5?
16 ga. (10 rounds
12 ga. (10 rounds)
10 ga. (3 rounds)