Essential Oil Roll-on Blends


        Applying the an Essential Oil Blend to the skin is one of the most effective ways to receive its benefits, from relieving stress or headache pain, to personal motivation, to alleviating ADHD.  The quality and purity of our oils are unsurpassed, I personally guarantee that.  We either make our oils from scratch or get them from the supplier that provides essential oils for use at the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center in Ohio as well as a multitude of hospitals around the country.
The blends we offer have been formulated exclusively for us by a Certified and Registered Aromatherapist and each has been tested in verification trials to insure they do what we claim they do. The oils in each blend is 100% pure, undiluted, “therapeutic grade” and unsurpassed in quality.
To further back up what I have said about our Essential Oil blends we offer a full money back guarantee stating that you will see results after using them.  I know of no other Essential Oil producer that is willing to offer that assurance to their customers.
                                                     Tom Laskowski