Survival 201 (Applications & Techniques)

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As the course name implies it is a chance for you to APPLY what you learned in the first class and improve on you TECHNIQUES you have practiced since you have taken Survival 101.

Class Length: 6 days (Sunday evening – Saturday afternoon)
Class Size Limit: 9

Class Dates:  August 30 – September 5 2020
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Supplies Fee: $30
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#1.  1/2 price ($377.50) for someone under 17 attending with adult
#2.  $100 off for each if you sign up with a friend to class.

Prerequisites: Survival 101 Weekend or Survival 101 6 Day Class

Location: Wildcat Hollow in southern Ohio’s Wayne National Forest

The Survival 2 Class builds on the Survival Weekend or Survival 1 Week classes, while also providing you with an opportunity to actually use the skills that you learned in those classes.  Since so may of us find it difficult to find the time to practice the skills learned there, this Survival 2 class will give you that opportunity – with the added benefit of having instructors there to help you in the areas where you may need additional assistance or coaching.

Overview of the Week
Students learn to prepare their own meals in this class, so you will begin by learning how to grind the flour you will be using to prepare many of your meals for the rest of the week.  Next, you will choose the type of shelter type that you will build and get started on its construction. This shelter will be your “home” for the rest of the week since we will be “taking away your tent” after the 2nd night of class.

A student uses a lightweight compact water filter to pump safe drinking water

During the week, you will be purifying all of the water you will be using, at first trying out various commercially available water filters and purifiers, and then reverting to the “old-fashion way” of boiling water for your needs toward the end of the week.

This class will cover more about Fire and Traps, but you will be using wood gathered from the forest.  You’ll soon learn that finding a “straight stick” is a rare commodity indeed.

Cornish hens after plucking and field dressing

Your mess kit will be “taken away” on day 3 and you will need to rely on the wooden bowl and eating utensils you will be burning out around the first few evening campfires.  On day 4, your knife will be “taken away” and you will need to rely on the “stone age” tools you will be shown how to fashion.

One unique skill that you will learn, and is rarely taught in survival classes, is how to “field dress” game.  Your dinner on Monday night will consist of a fish that you will fillet and cook over your campfire.  On Wednesday night you will relish a chicken dinner made from a chicken you field dress, pluck and cook in an “underground oven” that you will build.  Come Friday night, you will be dining on fresh rabbit.  During the week you will learn how to quickly and respectfully kill and field dress each animal.  You may “opt out” of the actual killing of your meal, but you will be required to field dress and prepare the animal if you want to eat that night.  (Remember, you can live about three weeks without food!)


We recommend you purchase our “Fin, Feather and Fur – Field Dressing Small Game” video before attending the class if you are new to killing and butchering live game..

Other scheduled topics for the week include primitive fishing techniques, basic tracking skills, awareness, various camp crafts and skills, plus nature walks.  Unscheduled topics always arise during the week which just serve to completely