Wild Lettuce Pain Killer


  • Dried Wild Lettuce leaves (best collected just before plant flowers)
  • 180 Proof Alcohol
  • Blender
  • Dehydrator


  1. Weigh the amount of dried leaves you plan to use
  2. Place dry leaves in a blender and grind up the leaves into a fine powder
  3. Add 5 times the weight of the leaves in alcohol (this will more than cover the leaves)
  4. Allow to to steep for at least 24 hours but as long as 3 days
  5. Pour into a medium pot
  6. Add enough water to double the volume
  7. Heat and this mixture¬† to 160F and hold temperature for 3 hours… stirring occasionally
  8. Strain out the plant material by pouring the liquid through a cheesecloth lined colander
  9. Place strained liquid on medium heat and simmer until it is reduced be about 80% (1/5 of original amount)