Should I bring my spouse or child to class?

We encourage parents to bring their children when the kids are both interested and old enough to handle a week-long class. If it was THEIR idea to attend a survival class…yes / if it was your idea because YOU think it will be good for them to attend…maybe.

Teenagers typically do quite well with this, but I the youngest we’ve had in a regular class was 10, and that’s probably about as young as could reasonably fit without unduly distracting the parents and/or other students and perform skills like carving wood for snares and dead-falls. Although we do teach certain special classes for young school children and scouts, including some overnight and multi day classes, they are structured and paced quite differently. Anyone under 17 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

We get quite a few couples attending classes together because it seems like they either help push/encourage each other (and a bit of healthy competition doesn’t hurt, either), or they divide and conquer (one concentrates on, say, fire making while the other focuses on shelter, etc.).¬† The only draw back is that sometimes couples will gravitate to each other and not interact with the other students which is not a problem but limits their information exchange with the others in the class who typically have a lot to offer.

If your children are too young to attend, and getting a babysitter for the week¬† isn’t possible, we’ve had a number of families take the classes in a “tag team” fashion. Since we offer our classes several times a year one parent takes the class first while the other “watches the kids”, then they switch and the other parent takes the class the next time its offered.

As a final alternative we offer Private Family Classes where we can come to you and conduct a class just for your family (or family and neighbors if you wish).