Rechargable “Glow-in-the-Dark” Lighting (High Output)

From $4.95


This is the NEW formulation of chemicals that glow for 8 hours, not like the older “glow-in-the-dark” products that retained a glow for only 20 minutes. Using a rechargeable lighting source will save your flashlight batteries and can be recharges over 1 million times without losing any light output!

How Do They Work?
Inside each reusable glow stick are enhanced glow in the dark crystals. These crystals absorb any light to charge, glow in the dark all night long (+12 hours) and never expire. They are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and contain no liquids or gels.


How Bright are They?

All of our glow sticks are designed to be markers/beacons/locators in the dark. Attach them to items you need to easily access in the dark. They are not designed to illuminate space. If you need them to illuminate space just “super charge” them with flashlight (see video) Just Remember: The light dims out over 12 hours so they work best when your eyes are fully adjusted to the dark.


How Fast Do They Charge?
The more “intense” the light source the faster charge time

  • 2 seconds with a UV or “blacklight”
  • 5 seconds in direct sunlight
  • 30 seconds with a flashlight
  •  2 minutes of ambient light

What is the difference between the  the 4″, 3″ 2″ Glo-Stik, the Glo-Ring, the Glo-Mat and the Glowing Orb or Mule Light?

4 inch Glo-Stik

All of these Glo -Sticks will provide you with a rechargeable light however slight differences in size and configuration was made to match specific applications.

  • The 4″ .Glo-Stik, our most popular model,   They are  a 4″ solid piece of epoxy impregnated with the glow material that can be taken to any depth underwater, attaches to backpacks easily, can be hung on he inside of a tent and is extremely durable.
  • The 3″ Glow-Stick is identical to the 4″ only a little shorter.  It glows for the same amount of time, lasts forever, is great for illumination or markers
  • The 2″ Glow-Stick is identical to the 3″ only a little shorter yet and perfect as a glow marker that easily clips onto a key chain or use a a zipper pull..  It glows for the same amount of time, lasts forever, is great for illumination or markers.
    4″ Glo-Stik: $7.95
    3″ Glo-Stik: $6.95
    2″ Glo-Stik: $4.95


Green Glo-Ring

Blue Glo-Ring

  • The Glo-Ring are great markers or can absorbs light while it hangs around your neck while you’re exploring. Once it gets dark the ring will glow all night long.  In a night-time emergency situation the ring can be swung in a circle to make what is called a “buzz saw” (think of twirling “sparklers on July 4th as a kid). It comes in either a Green-Glo or ICE Blue-Glo.
    Note: The Green will slow slightly brighter and longer than the blue
    Blue or Green Glo-Ring” $5.95



  • Glo-Mats are a hard plastic glowing platform that are intended to have items like keys or a flashlight

    Glo-Mat lights off           

    place on them so that they can be easily found in the dark since they are sitting on  a lighted surface (the glow-mat).  Think of the Glo-Mat as a “flat night-light.The Glo-Mat is the ideal night light for bedrooms, bathrooms, cabins, campers, hotels, and more.

    You can easily cut it with a handsaw or electric saw. It can be mounted on a wall or against a tree using screws or nails. Use it indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, and in any temperature. It provides a night light illumination without using batteries, batteries, bulbs, or electricity.

    Small: 2 3/8 x 5 1/8 x 1/4 inches waterproof, drill-able, cut-able ($11.95)
    Large: 5.5″ x 8.5″ x 3/8” thick – waterproof, drill-able, cut-able ($29.95)

    Mule Light V2


  • The Glo-Orb and Mule Light (Version 2) are not shown here on this page but are featured on their own pages on our web site.  They both use this advanced “glow in the dark” technology but they also use an internal ultraviolet light sources built into the devices to enhance the glow of the units.  The ultraviolet light naturally uses a power source (batteries) so we did not include them on this page of “no battery ” lighting options.  If you don’t mind using batteries in your equipment the the Glo-Orb and the Mule Light V2 are definitely worth considering

    Glo-Orb light

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Chemical Glow Lights vs Rechargeable Glo-Stiks

To activate a traditional “one-time-use” glow stick you break & shake it to activate a chemical reaction inside the stick.  This reaction provides an instant bright light that glows for several hours at the same intensity. The chemical reaction can only happens one time and then you throw them away. Our glow sticks use enhanced “glow in the dark” crystal that absorbs light to charge, will glow in the dark over 12 hours at a diminishing rate, and can be reused over-and-over again forever. Traditional chemical glow sticks may be brighter  at first but they are a one time use product, have a limited shelf life. Our glow sticks make great markers, they make items easy to find in the dark. Chemical Glow sticks have their place however if you want a “rechargeable” means of illumination our Glow Sticks are the way to go.