Standard Flint and Steel Kit




This kit is our economy version of a Flint & Steel kit.  It still comes with everything you need to make fires, just in a little smaller tin. It comes in a tin with  friction fit top that measures 3″ in diameter and 2″ tall.  Inside the tin is a “U” shaped striker with a piece of either Western chert of Ohio flint. Your char cloth is in the bottom of the tin along with your jute tinder and uncharred shredded cotton  There is a  complete set of instructions sent with the kit

  • Friction fit top metal carrying tin
  • “U” shaped Striker
  • Western chert or Ohio flint
  • Char cloth
  • Jute rope (to be shredded into tinder to make fires)
  • Raw 100% shredded cotton
  • Instructions

Price: $16.95

Comparison of the Standard and Deluxe Flint & Steel Kits