Shamanic Journeys




The “Age of Miracles” is not over…. you just haven’t started creating them ……yet.


Shamanic Journeys 1 (“Awareness”)

When:March 18-19, 2023

Where: Toledo

$295 / $200 Special Price for past students who wish to retake Shamanic 1

Prerequisites: None

Things to Know:

  • You can arrive on Friday night to set up uyour tent and relax and unwind – please arrive after 6 PM
  • There will be area for camping, which mos people do, however there are sever motels within a 15 minute drive of the class that you can stay at if you wish
  • Meals will be included however we can not accomidate “special” diets (you are welcome to use our kitchen tho to prepqare any special meals you require)


See the course description at bottom of the page..


Shamanic Journeys 2

Class Length: Saturday 9 AM  – Sunday 4 PM

When: October 1-2, 2022

Where: Toledo, Ohio
Natural Ability
11210 County Rd. #4
Swanton, Ohio 43558

Price: $295/ $200 Special Price for past students who wish to retake Shamanic 2

Prerequisites: Shamanic Journeys 1

Things to Know:

  • Either camp on site (no extra charge) or stay at a nearby hotel (15 minute drive from the class)
  • You can arrive on Friday night to set up your tent and relax and unwind – please arrive after 6 PM
  • The formal class begins at 9 AM on Saturday
  • Meals will be included however we can not accommodate “special” diets (you are welcome to use our kitchen tho to prepare any special meals you require)
  • The only items you need to bring to class are:
    • Plate, silverware and water bottle
    • Light blanket if you tend to get chilled easily
    • Tape recorder if you want to record any of the class or meditations
    • Notebook if you plan to take notes
    • Comfortable clothing
    • Open mind and willingness to “have fun”

This class is a bit different than Shamanic 1 in that there will be more “things to do” in additions to the journeys we will be taking.  In THIS class you will be given a “road map ” of where you have been in the first class..  There are certain places along your journeys that where you are more “open” or “attuned” to doing certain things.  You would eventually find this power spots on your own given enough time but by giving you this “roadmap” months or even years of trial and erro searching can be short-cut.  You will be adventuring out beyond the Great Veil and theri too recieve a “road map” or this area.  If you want to meet Guides beyond the Great Veil is where to do that at.

During this weekend you will also be carving your own “Personal Pipe” very similar to the various Pipes used by all of the NAtive American tribes throughout the country.  Since this Pipe iswill be your own “personal pipe” we are not infringing on any Native American traditions or culutres but more over respecting and honoring their traditions in our own way.

I will also share with you what was shared with me regarding the process of a “non-Nation specific” Pipe Ceremony.

This class will also be the right time and atmosphere to shar experiences, ask questions and further explore meditations and other techniques you can incorporate into you daily life to more effectively utilize your newly discovered skills.

Course Description of Shamanic Journey Classes

First, I want to say that neither of these two classes have anything to do with religion, although many have told me that their religious views were strengthened by what was covered in the class.  These classes offers a unique apprenticeship in the spiritual healing tradition used by many Native American cultures. Through a series of workshops, participants learn how to journey and work with spirit to heal self and others. Unlike other shamanic teachings, these classes are sequential; each session builds from the one before. This systematic approach helps the individual build a solid foundation, understanding and proficiency of this spiritual pathway.

While its impossible to separate “healing” from “Awareness” Shamanic Journey’s #1 will be primarily focused on awareness…the awareness of what you are capable of.
Shamanic Journey’s #2 will provide you with a “Cosmic Map” to provide you with a clearer understanding of that aspect of our consciousness as well as focusing on healing, however both topics will be intertwined in both classes.


The course’s purpose is to teach you how to use ancient, nearly “lost art” techniques to enter non-ordinary reality to solve personal problems, receive guidance and provide healing to others. Throughout the class you will be addressing and experiencing all of these situations. As you learn these techniques you will become comfortable with the process so that in the future you can to do these things again and again, on your own.

We will be using methods similar to those used by a number of North American Native American tribes. In order for them to begin their spiritual journey they needed to become aware of their “Creator given” gifts. Once on this path, some became Shaman, the highest spiritual leader of their culture. I have elected to use training methods similar to those used by the Lipan Apache of New Mexico because of their straightforward approach and inherent lack of dogmas and/or rituals. It is a simple yet highly effective way to allow students to progress extremely quickly and become successful with the techniques.

To explain the class further it may help to read what one student wrote down after an exercise we did in class.  He was not a poet nor a writer.  He just went into a guided meditation with a simple question and here is the answer(s) that came into his head  We title it What is…

This courses format also differs from other workshops in that drumming is not  part of the classes. In the original way this information pas passed on the lack of the use of crystals and a drumming was a crucial teaching approach since the student does not become dependent on the drum in order to journey or to do healings. This allows the student greater freedom and ease in integrating this shamanic practice with other healing arts. Whether an individual is interested in working with spirit to do healings, or in developing their own personal path, this apprenticeship is invaluable. No prior meditation experience is necessary

Beginning with a sequence of relaxation techniques (similar to traditional meditation) we will calm and quiet the mind as well as the body. Then, through guided meditation, move beyond the five senses, beyond dreams, and beyond imagination, into the realm of Spirit. Many refer to this experience as a “Shamanic Journey”.

Shamanic Journeys are one of the most remarkable visionary experiences used by the ancients to explore the hidden Universe that is typically only known through dreams and myth. During the class, participants will share the discoveries they have made on their journeys as well as compare and contrast the individual spiritual teachers they will be introduced to.

Practical applications such as to how to apply these new found techniques and abilities in everyday life will be discussed as well as ways to heal the Self and others.
Note: Again, these teachings and techniques are not in any way of a “religious nature” nor do they typically conflict with religions. In fact for many, the class actually strengthens their religious beliefs.

The “Journeys” are simply a way to allow you to learn how to use your natural  abilities of awareness and healing, abilities that that everyone possesses but few know how to use.

– No prior meditation experience or meditation knowledge is necessary

– Wear comfortable clothing to class

– Lunch will not be provided, so either bring a brown bag lunch or there are fast restaurants/fast food in the area.

– Bring a light blanket, and warm socks if you tend to be cold when sitting still

– A pen and notebook

– A willingness to leave all expectations of what you will learn “at home”

– A voice recording device (phone, mp3 recorder etc.) to record the meditations if you wish (optional)