Hudson Bay “Tobacco Tin” Flint and Steel Kits

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These items are a “period accurate” example of what the upper class would carry as their Flint & Steel kit..  It still comes with everything you need to make fires with the addition of a high power magnifying lens that cam be used to almost instantly start you char cloth glowing in direct sun light (the upper class used the magnifying lens to light their pipes and cigars)  The case has a friction fit cover and measures 3″ in diameter and 3″ tall.  Inside the tin is a “U” shaped striker with a piece of Brandon flint, jute tinder and char cloth.  There is a  complete set of instructions sent with the kit

  • Friction fit top metal carrying tin with magnifying lens in cover
  • “U” shaped Striker
  • Brandon flint
  • Char cloth
  • Jute rope (to be shredded into tinder)
  • Raw 100% shredded cotton
  • Instructions



Brass Hudson Bay Flint $ Steel Kit: $59.95  SALE PRICE: $49.95
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Copper Hudson Bay Flint $ Steel Kit: $49.95
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“Tin” Hudson Bay Flint $ Steel Kit: $39.95
“Tin” ONLY: $29.95