Blast Match (fire starter)



Fire is an essential part of any wilderness experience, good or bad, and an essential part of any survival kit is a fire starter that won’t run out of fuel (like a cigarette lighter).
..I like the Blast Match as  a one-handed fire starter that produces a shower of sparks with every strike.” – 


The Blast Match Fire Starter, patented and designed for all-weather use, performs superbly in the most extreme environments. Everyone who ventures outdoors should have a fire starter.  It was originallydesigned for Air Force fighter pilots at risk of being shot down in rugged terrain, or the mountain climber contending with challenging alpine weather.

The Blast Match is operable with one hand in case of injury, never runs out of fuel and never fails to light in the wind, rain or snow. It generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match and easily will light any material (wood, paper, bark, cloth, or man-made fire starting tinder’s) that a match will ignite. You can accurately aim the sparks to ignite a roaring fire in any weather condition.

If the Blast Match becomes wet, simply wipe it off and it is ready for use. In combination with Ultimate Survival’s Wet Fire Starting Tinder, you can start a fire even in the driving rain. At the heart of the Blast Match is a custom bar of high performance flint material. Spring loaded for compactness, the flint bar also rotates 360 degrees to help prevent uneven wear and tear. A tungsten carbide striker built into the striker button is set at the perfect angle for maximum sparking – taking the guess work out of starting a fire.

Incorporated into the Blast Match is a safety feature to prevent inadvertent ignition when accidentally plunged. The unique design requires the  operator to press the thumb button in order to engage the striker mechanism.




Material: Flint Unit: 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) diameter spring-loaded flint bar in ABS case
Length (closed): 4 inches (10.2 cm)
Weight: 2.7 oz (76.6g)
Color: Green