What do I need to Bring to Class?

Actually all you really need to bring is a tent, sleeping bag and knife (if you have one).

With that said here is a check list of things you may want to consider bring to make the class a little more enjoyable/comfortable for you…

o  Tent with rain fly
o  Sleeping Bag  (at least a 40 degree  bag summer / 20 degree sleeping bag  fall)
o   Ground Pad (Therma-rest / Ridge-Rest, closed-cell foarm pads / 2 yoga mats – not an air mattress)
o   Separate pair of Wool Socks to only be used to sleep in to prevent cold feet   (yes, even in the summer)
o   Ear Plugs (there will always be someone next to you snoring)
o   Mess Kit (Plate, Spoon, Fork, Knife, and Cup)
o  Water bottle (to stay hydrated while we are doing the workshops and skills)
o   Sharp Knife   (We will have knives available for  purchase for $15 if you do not have one)
o   Small file and small saw for assisting in carving notches in wood for traps  (optional)
o   Flashlight or headlamp
o   Long sleeve shirt   (for a possible cool nights or mosquito protection)
o   Tick Repellent   (Permanone Permethrin Spray is one type used on clothing only that works well)
o   Work gloves  (for gathering wood and handling hot rocks)
o   Rain Gear  (and foot-gear for rain and mud)
o   Small medical kit with a few band aides and antiseptic (we will be using knives you know…)y
o   Personal Items   (anything you may want to have with you to make yourself more comfortable)
o   Notebook and Pen   (for taking notes)
o   Small frying pan 3”-4” in diameter (optional but nice to have when we make our Mountain man Breakfast))
o   Peterson’s Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants   (optional) – available at book stores or on-line
o   Newcomb’s Field Guide to Edible Plants (optional)  – both field guides are available at book stores  or  on-line
o   Small Chair  (optional but REALLY nice to have for your comfort around the campfire)
o   Snacks for your personal (or shared) consumption
o  Camera or video recorder (a picture is worth a 1,000 words and we will be covering a lot of material)
o   Any of your own personal “survival gear” you may want to “try out”