Foot /Body Solid Lotion Bars

2 oz. Shea Butter (refined)
2oz. Cocoa Butter (refined)
2 oz. Grape Seed Oil
2 oz. Bees wax
2.5 ml Vitamin E oil
Scent (5 ml of Fragrance Oil or 2 ml of Essential Oil)
(4) 2 oz. Natural Lotion Bar Tubes


  1. Melt the Cocoa Butter and Beeswax in metal pot with heat on mediumemove from heat and add the Shea Butter to pot and stir in to melt.
  2. Add Vitamin E oil and Scent
  3. Let cool to 155 degrees F and pour liquid into tube
  4. Let liquid solidify and place caps on tubes and label each tube (ie: Foot/Body Lotion – 3/12/17)