Winter Prep List

Change of seasons, time to get your home and car ready for emergencies.  Assume you are without power for a week, no deliveries, and freezing temperatures and use this list to make sure you and your family are prepared for that “unforeseen event” that will catch others offguard.


  1. Plant bulbs outside so you’ll have spring flowers
  2. Clean out your gutters AFTER the leaves fall
  3. Do furnace maintenance / have your chimney swept
  4. Shut of outside water
  5. Drain the gas out of your lawn mower and let it run until it quits
  6. Check batteries on smoke alarm, CO2 alarm, flashlights, camp lights.
  7. Check emergency water supply
  8. Plan a “warming center” for your house (tent, blankets, pillows, reflective blanket, sleeping bags, etc
  9. Check your stash of hygiene products (TP, etc)
  10. Battery operated radio
  11. Warm clothing readily accessible – wool
  12. Throughout winter, make sure all medications, pet food needs, etc have at least one full week supply. Don’t run low!
  13. Cooking?


Car Kit:

  1. Blanket, reflective blankets
  2. Extra clothing (wool)
  3. Fire starting materials
  4. Water purification materials
  5. Container (I store all items in a tin which can be used for boiling water/cooking)
  6. Signaling materials
  7. Flashlight (check batteries)