Will there be a shower available at class?

Yes and no there will not be a community shower available at the class. Most students bring a small pot and heat up some water on the kitchen stove and take it back to their tent for a quick “sponge bath” every other morning. Others bring a pack of “baby wipes” and clean up with those every morning.

Your welcome to bring a “solar shower” and a tarp if you would like to set it up in a corner of camp. The kitchen stove is open to you to heat up the water if you don’t want to wait for the sun to warm up your water. Make sure you bring something to stand on. The last thing you’ll want is to have a nice clean body and muddy feet after standing in a mud puddle that will form under you as you shower! Sandals are also a good idea to bring to wear as you walk back to your tent from the shower location.

There is a Pilot Truck Stop/Travel Center (5219 Brecksville Rd., Richfield, Ohio 44286) with showers available for $12 about 10 minutes from the class location that you can drive to.