Vitamin C “Candy” Suppliment


  • 1 t Rose Hip powder
  • 1 t Amla powder
  • 1 t Acerola powder
  • 1 t Orange peel powder
  • Honey


  1. Mix together the powdered herbs, breaking up any clumps.
  2. Pour slightly warmed honey into the powdered mix. Just pour a tiny bit, stir, add a bit more, stir. You want the final consistently to hold together but not be too moist or sticky.
  3. Once the powders are mixed with the honey, form the mixture into pea sized balls.
  4. These can then be rolled in orange powder or another one of the powders in the mixture.

Makes 15 pea-sized pills. Increasing the ingredients to 1 T of herbs will increase yield to 45 pea sized pills


Rose Hips

Rose hips are famously high in vitamin C. This was “discovered” in Britain during WWII when citrus foods were hard to come by and scurvy (extreme lack of vitamin C) was an increasing problem. Scientists began testing local food sources and found that rose hips, which are found on rose bushes in the fall, actually have more vitamin C than oranges!



Acerola is native to the tropics of South America and is now also being grown as far north as Texas. Acerola is famous for its high vitamin C content although it also contains other important nutrients such as B vitamins and bioflavonoids. According to the book Plants in Human Health and Nutrition Policy there are 1677.6 mg of vitamin C in 100 g of fruit.



Amla is a cherished herb from India where it is famously used in the Triphala formula. Like the other herbs in this recipe, Amla is celebrated for its incredibly high vitamin C content.