Cold & Flu Bath Bombs


  • 1 C baking soda
  • 1/2 C sea salt or Epsom salt
  • 2 t Menthol Crystals
  • Approx 2 t of water
  • 20 drops Essential Oils (a combination of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and lemon)
  • coloring optional


  1. Combine baking soda, salt/Epsom salt, and mix well until combined.
  2. Crush the menthol crystals between parchment paper and set aside
  3. Spray or drop small amounts water into the mix and stir until you get the consistency of slightly wet sand.
  4. Mixture should hold together when squeezed without crumbling but should not appear wet at all. You may need to add slightly more water if it hasn’t achieved this consistency yet.
  5. Once you get this texture, add the menthol crystals and the essential oils and stir to combine.
  6. Quickly push mixture into silicon molds, greased muffin tins, or any other greased container.
  7. Press in firmly and leave at least 24 hours (48 is better) or until hardened.
  8. When dry, remove and store in airtight container.

How to Use

  1. Place 1-2 melts just outside of the shower stream on the floor of the shower.
  2. Let the hot water and steam do its work, and enjoy!

Note: If the Melts dissolve too fast, check the amount of water used. Stop adding water as soon as the mixture holds together without crumbling but doesn’t appear wet. If the melts dissolve too slowly, pack them a little more lightly on the next batch, allowing more space for the water to get in and dissolve the melt.
Store away from moisture and light. Use within 1 month for strongest scent and best results.