Sample of a Survival 101 Class Menu

While we try to accommodate everyone’s tastes in food it is difficult to please everyone all of the time.  For this reason we have posted this tentative meal schedule for the class. If you are a vegetarian or prefer not to eat some of the meals there will be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as an alternative or you may bring your own food for those meals.  Please let us know what meals you will not be eating so that we can adjust the food purchased as well as insuring there is enough “P&J”
Dinner –  Sloppy Joes, Chips

Breakfast – Oatmeal, Granola Breakfast bars
Lunch – Grilled cheese and Potato Chips
Dinner – Spaghetti, Rolls & Butter

Breakfast – Oatmeal
Lunch – Fish filets, Macaroni & Cheese
Dinner – Shishkabobs (Sausage, Tomatoes, Onions, etc)

Breakfast – Oatmeal, Breakfast Bars
Lunch – Pita Bread, Hummus, Apples
Dinner – Tuna Casserole

Breakfast – “Mountainman Breakfast – (Ashcakes (flour based), Stick Bread, Sausage, Johnnycakes (Cornmeal based)
Lunch – Hot Dogs & Chips
Dinner – Dinty Moore Stew, Rolls & Butter

Breakfast – Pancakes
Lunch – BLT’s and Chips
Dinner – Survival Meal (Survival Stew made of the fish you clean and filet)

Breakfast – Oatmeal, Breakfast bars
Lunch – Peanut Butter & Jelly, Apple Sauce
Adjourn around 3 PM