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Tinder Fungus, or more properly Amadou (pronounced (am-ah-dew”) or Chaga (pronounced “chaw-ga”) is a fungus that grows mainly on Birch trees (especially White Birch).  It is used as tinder for Fire Pistons  or as a medium to catch a spark from a Flint & Steel. It can also be used to carry a red hot ember from a fire long distances by lighting the tinder fungus and allowing it to smoulder.
This Tinder Fungus has also been used for a tea (called Chaga tea) that rich in vitamins and antioxidant, and has not only strengthens the immune system and protective effects against cancers, but may even help to combat tumors.

On the Birch tree, the Tinder Fungus looks like a black bulbous “burnt bark”” growth on the side of the tree, but once it is broken off and the black outside crust is removed a yellowish-orange tinder fungus can be seen.  It can be used right off the tree and does not have to be dried or prepared in any way.

We offer this rare”softer” fungus for fire making in either a 1/4 oz. ( 3″ x 3″ bag) or 1 oz. ( 4″ x 6″ bag).

Note: The Tinder Fungus that is used for tea is much harder than the softer fire starting fungus so the Tea Tinder Fungus is not recommended for use in Fire Pistons.


“Healthy” Chaga Tea

Unlike conventional leaf tea that is used only once, chaga can continue to be reused over and over without becoming depleted of its medicinal properties.  A 1/4 cup of the Chaga is typically put into a 2 quart pot and simmered until the water turns a light tan.  The chaga is then removed and dried until the next batch is made and the tea is drank as normal.  Once the simmering does not produce a tan color in the water the chaga is depleted and should be replaced.

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