Squirrel Cookers

From $19.95


The trappers and the “mountain-men” of the late 17 and early 1800’s packed this handy device right next to their traps and long rifle.  It was sometimes known as a ‘camp buddy’ to the pioneers.  By orienting this device one way it’s perfect for hanging your kettle or cooking pots over the fire.  Turn it around and you have the perfect thing for cooking those large slabs of meat, toasting, cooking sausages and anything else that can be held on 1 or 2 prongs.


The Single Point Squirrel Cooker is made from 1/4″ square stock and measures about 14″ high and 14″ long.  The single point allows for a little easier packing in tight places. This one fits nicely in packs!
Price: $22.95

The Forked Squirrel Cooker comes in 3 sizes
all have a hook at one end (for pots) and a fork on the other (for food).  They add a nostalgic feel to your campsite and are great for picnics, camping, or canoe trips or reenactments.  Each is hand-forged so the dimensions may vary slightly (no mass production here!)  The fork makes securing your breakfast sausages, lunch (hotdogs or ear of corn) or dinner (sausages, rabbit leg or squirrel) to the cooker tines.  The Short 14″ size fits neatly into a haversack and is made of 1/4″ stock.  The traditional 16″ length is also made of 1/4″ stock and is what you will see in museums in a traditional trappers kit.  The Large 18″ is made out  of round stock, is much more heavy duty and can easily handle a Cornish hen or larger quarry with its 5″ long fork tines.

Prices (forked):
Short (14″) $19.95
Traditional (16″) $24.95 (most popular)
Large (18″) $39.95