School Group Programs (Homeschool/Private or Public schools)

From $200.00


We have a variety of hands-on workshops, lectures and primitive skills demonstration programs designed to engage and fasinate students from the grade 3 to 12. For the past 21 years we have been presenting these experiences to students so bring YOUR classroom alive with a truly memorable experience right in your classroom (no field trip, buses, parental release forms ect!)

Augment your American History section by allowing your students to actually see how the Native Americans made fire by rubbing sticks together or how the Trappers used Flint and Steel to keep warm up in the mountains while they were trapping.  Have them feel the softness of real pelts from coyote, wolf, or artic, red and silver fox.

If your lesson plans include the reading of the classic book by Gary Paulsen “Hachet”, let your students see the skills they read about come to life or have them participate in the demonstrations.

If instilling self-reliance and self-confidence is one of your objectives our “Lost-Proofing” program will not only empower your students but could actually save their lives in they ever find themselves “lost’ and needing to spend a night or two alone in the woods.

Program cost: $50 per hour with a minumun price of $100.
Program lengths: short as 45 minute to as long as 8 hours

Call us at the school to get more details or to book aa time for us to come out and amaze your class: 888-886-5592