Roll-on Motivation








Did you ever hear someone say “wouldn’t it be nice if we could buy MOTIVATION in a can”?

Well now in the 21st century you can come close and buy MOTIVATION in a Roll-on!  Becoming motivated to do something or get something done requires more than energy, it requires a mindset, a positive outlook, a clear mind AND energy which is why we formulated oùr MOTIVATION blend to do just that.

Simply roll it u dear your nose, on your wrist pulse points and on your temples.  In about 15 minutes the essential oils will get into your system and tell your brain to reprogram your body and brain in ” Get It Done”.

For a day when you need and “extra kick” roll the rolloer along the inside of both forearms.  It will take about 15 minutes for the essential oils to get into your system and tell your brain “its time to get moving”

Our formulation for our MOTIVATION roll- on is: