Roll-on for Happiness and Well Being



It is true that happiness comes from  within but no one ever said it can’t be encouraged with some natural scents that our brains and bodies are hardwired to positively respond to for those feelings to surface a little quicker.  The essential oils we use in the HAPPINESS and WELL BEING roll-on does just that.

People are drawn to positive people, good fortune seems to happen to positive people, life just seems to smile” on positive people so why not enhance your natural ability to be positive with this unique formulation.

Simply roll on this blend to your wrist pulse points and behind your ears before going out in public, on a date , or to the office.  During the day if you sense yourself becoming frustrated with those around you or by situations that you are dealing with simply reapply it with an additional application under your nose.

The essential oils that are in our HAPPINESS and WELL BEING roll-on are:
Roman Chamomile