Opinel (Folding Knives) NOW WITH POCKET CLIP!

From $16.95


Opinel Knives, often refereed to as the Best Folding Knife on the Planet” are a favorite among Boy Scouts due to its locking blade, compact size, and its compliance to the American Boy Scout of America rules on knives that are permitted to be carried.

Carbon Blade

Price: $16.95 (no Clip)
$23.95 (with Stainless steel pocket clip)
Optional Add $2 for Gun Bluing Rust Resistant blade treatment


Opinel No. 8 is the most sold and versatile size in the ever growing line of Opinel folding knives. This knife is small enough to be used as a pocket knife and its 3 1/4″ blade prevents it from being considered a weapon in most states.  It has a locking ring making it safe to carry in your pocket, a genuine Beech wood handle and a carbon blade  for easy sharpening.


Stainless Steel Blade
Price: $18.95 (no clip)
$25.95 (with Stainless steel pocket clip)
The Opinel No. 8 Stainless Steel Blade knife is identical to the Carbon blade version only that the blade is made of non-rusting stainless steel.  This  benefit is slightly off-set by the fact that the stainless steel blade takes a little longer to sharpen.  Like its carbon blade counterpart it has a locking ring making it safe to carry in your pocket and a genuine Beech wood handle.








Stainless Steel Clip and Screws (Only)
Price: 5.95
For those that are left-handed and want to install the clip themselves to insure that “personalized hand feel” or if you just like to do things yourself, you can now get the stainless steel clip with the 2 Torx mounting screws separately.


4-40 UNF tap and #50 drill bit for above clip screws
Price: 19.95
This tap and drill combo set is designed to create the pilot hole and precision thread necessary to accept a precision 4-40UNF screw.  This drill and tap set is designed to work in combination to create the best thread result possible.

Each tap and drill combo set comes packed in a dual-compartment, locking combo case. This insures that storage is organized and the cutting surfaces are protected.

Tap Size: 4-40 UNF
Tap Type: Spiral Point
Tap Material: M2 HSS
Drill Size: 0.089″
Drill Material: M35 Cobalt