Moonshine Making Class



Can we help you?

Yes, this class will teach you how to make old-fashion Tennessee Moonshine and yes it is illegal to make old-fashion Tennessee Moonshine to drink, however it in NOT illegal to make alcohol, using the same old-fashion Tennessee moonshine making techniques to make the alcohol, to add to the gasoline for fuel for you car or small engines.
Thats what this class will be all about…showing you those old techniques to make good old fashion moonshine.

Class Date: Saturday morning June 3, 2023 (9 AM to Noon or so
Class Length: 1/2 Day

Location: Seven Hills, Ohio (10 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio)

Prerequisites: None

Price: $60 (or 2 for $100)

With that said, this class will teach you how to make alcohol from several sources like grains (some call this whiskey if they drink it), potatoes (some call this vodka) and molasses (some call this Rum) among other raw sugar containing fruits to make alcohol.

The class will cover…

  • Teach you how to “run a still”
  • How to make a still from scratch
  • The chemistry of turning sugar into alcohol
  • What it takes to make a still
  • What is a “thumper keg”
  • What does “bead” mean
  • How do you determine “the angel’s share”
  • What is “beer”, and no its not what’s in those brown bottles you get at the bar
  • how to judge “alcohol %” by looking at the bubbles in a Mason jar
  • What those 3 “X’s” mean on a Moonshine jug
  • What grains go into making a proper “mash”
  • when to distill the alcohol
  • How to distill
  • What “proof” really is
  • How to test “proof”
  • How to safely operate a still
  • What the laws are on making alcohol
  • How to age whiskey
  • A whole lot more!

Note: Revenuers not welcome!


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