The Aniolek – (MNSI Trademark Knife)

From $245.00


This is our “Trademark” knife
A good knife is a handy tool to have in the woods regardless if your hunting, hiking, camping or in a survival situation.  This knife was designed by Tom Laskowski and custom made by L.T. Wright.  After over 30 years of experience in the woods Tom put on paper what he considered a perfect all-around cutting, carving and skinning knife (Aniolek).  I’m certain you will agree this is a knife your will use for the rest of your life, then pass it down to a deserving family member once your gone.

The Aniolek (pronounced “on – yo – w-eh-k”) was designed to be a small, everyday carry belt knife. The handle, available in Black Micarta or Maple, is designed to fit comfortably in the hand of a larger person as well as the smaller hand due to its unique handle design with strategically placed finger recesses.  It is a full tang knife.  The blade is made of “01” high carbon tool steel making field sharpening fast and easy.  We designed the knife to feel “like an extension of your hand” when your using it…and we succeeded!


  • Blade Specifications: 8 3/4″ total length / 3 1/2″ inch width  (Perfect for “controlled” carving of wood)Aniol_1
  • Total weight of 5.9 oz (Heavy enough to give the knife a good “feel” but light enough to carry)
  • Full Tang  (Blade will not break if if used for prying)
  • Blade made from “01” High Carbon Tool Steel  (Easy and fast re-sharpening)
  • Blade steel heat treated to 58 Rockwell hardness (Soft enough to sharpen easily and hard enough to last)
  • Flat Grind on edge  (Makes field sharpening simply)
  • 4 rivets in the handle  (Exceptional strength and durability)
  • Grooved Thumb Ramp  (Non-slip contact for delicate work or for applying pressure when cutting)
  • Lanyard hole (Allows you to attach a wrist strap)
  • Rear Pommel (provides a flat surface for pounding)
  • Front Rivet Lashing Hole (Lash knife to a stick to use as a spear)
  • Choice of handle materials:
    • Black Micarta – Extremely durable
    • Maple – Natural look with hard wood durability
  • Ergonomic handle design  (Fits small and large hands comfortably)
  • Choice of sheaths  (Customize the carrying “look” of your knife)
  • Personalize your knife (Have your personal signature to the laser engraved handle or put a photo to the blade)
  • Serial Numbered series available  (Adds value to the knife for resale)

Aniolek Knife w/Micarta Handle: $245
Maple Handle: + $30
Signature: + $20
Photo: $35

Red Liner: + $20 (only available to Escape and Evasion Class graduates)
Standard Sheath: + $0
Fire Steel Sheath: + $10
Custom Sheath: + $90


Custom Options

Handle MaterialAniol_1Aniol_2

  • Black Micarta is a man-made handle material that is extremely hard and durable  It is made by alternately placing layers of fiberglass and layers of resin to make the material.  The texture of the finished product provides an excellent gripping surface even when covered in blood when field dressing a deer.
  • Curly Maple is a hard wood and gives the knife “personality” with its natural designs in the wood.  It is not as hard as the micarta however unless you plan to repeatedly hit your knife handle with a hammer the Maple is a nice choice.




Adding Your Personal Signature
NOT a facsimily but  your actual signature to your knife handle transforms your knife from a cutting tool to one of your personal items.  It not only provides identification but as its handed down to future generations everyone will know THIS was YOUR knife.  This will be your actual signature and not just your name laser engraved in the knife.

Send the completed Signature Form (below) to the school address (See “Contact Us” tab on menu for the address)


Personal Photograph on the blade

You can have your favorite photo, saying or insignia laser etched into the blade.  Simply email us (email address: the photo with detailed instructions as to what you want to be put on your knife.






The “RED” linerAniol_8

The color RED was a symbol of the Native American Apache Scouts.  They wore it with pride as well as a symbol that they were in an elite group of warriors.  During our Escape, Evasion and  Invisibility (EE&I ) Class we teach the age-old skills of stealth, evasion and invisibility in the woods to our students and as a “badge of honor”, those students who complete the class are permitted to have a red liner place in the handle of their knife.  In the future. when a graduate of the EE&I Class sees the knife with the red liner, he/she immediately knows who you are and what you have accomplished and are capable of.


Three different sheaths are available with the Aniolek

The Standard Sheath is the one that comes with the knife at no  extra charge. It is a high quality, vegetable tanned leathersheath with no fancy “bells and whistles”.  It will give you a life-time of protection and service for your knife.

The Fire Steel Sheath is a little fancier and comes with a loop that is typically used for a Swedish Fire Steel sparking rod so that in an emergency you have a relaible sparking rod with you.  This loop can also be used to carry a AAA Mini Mag flashlight or other items that can be snugly inserted in the loop.  This is the most populat option people choose when buying the Aniolek

The Custom Sheath is the “high end” sheath.  It was custom made for the Aniolek to protect the knife as long as the knife lasts.  The sheath is designed to allow you the option of carrying the knife high and tight on your belt, drop it down a little as a “dangler” or thread your belt those the custom loops to wear it “Scout Style” along the small of your back.  The loops also give you an attachment point to catty other survival gear on your knife.  In the photo of Tom Laskowski’s sheath he wound 10′ of 550 Fire-Cord around one of the straps on the back of the sheath then used electrical wire “shrink wrap” to secure it to the strap.

Review of the MNSI Aniolek