Making Honey Wine at Home

From $150.00


Learn how easy it is to make delicious Honey Wine (aka Mead Wine) right at home.  With a Quart of honey, 3 quarts of water, a glass 1 gallon jug. a specific yeast and a few other items combined with a lot of tips, tricks and information from two Master Mead Makers you will learn this ancient art that has been done for over a thousand years.

Class Length: 1 Day (9 am – 4 PM)
Class Date: Saturday August 21, 2021 CANCLED – to be rescheduled this fall
Location: MNSI in Seven Hills, Ohio (10 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio)
Price: $150 ($170 with Wine Making Kit and 1 Gallon of “in process” Honey Wine to take home)
Prerequisites: None


What you will Learn at the Class

In this day long course, you will learn:• The flavor characteristics of many varieties of honey
• Review the basics of wine making
• Yeast characteristics and how the selection of yeast impacts mead
• How the addition of various ingredients will influence your mead
• Problems you may encounter while making mead and how to address them
• How to think ahead to the end product mead you want to make and how to get there
• Record keeping basics for documenting and reproducing your favorite mead
• How to take your mead from good to great!
• Field Trip to Feisty Brood Meadery to tour their facility and mix your batch of honey, water and yeast that will become your Mead Wine!


Your Instructors

Carl McMillin
Carl has been making wine for more than 40 years and mead for over 20 years. As a scientist with a background in chemistry, he has been carefully refining his methods, techniques and recipes for decades. He has won numerous home -brew awards and as vintner for Feisty Brood Meadery, he holds three national gold medals for his mead. Experimenting endlessly with recipes and ingredients, and having crafted more than 200 batches of mead, Carl has gained an intimate knowledge of the finer points of mead making.

Brian McMillin
Carl’s son Brian has continued the family tradition of mead making and expanded it into a thriving business named the “Feisty Brood Meadery”. Brian has been making mead for over 15 years in the US and in Australia. He began Feisty Brood Meadery just six years ago and today production capacity is currently at 10,000 gallons.! He started by selling to friends and family and now distributing to over 160 locations with shipping available to 38 states. While Carl focuses on making the best mead possible, Brian has been focused on the operational, branding and sales side of the meadery. Brian is responsible for developing and constructing most things used at the meadery including the bottling equipment, point of sale signs, paddles, racks, website and labels. They have a do-it-yourself philosophy that allows them to keep their costs low in order to produce world class mead at reasonable prices. While mead is historically a beverage of nobility, they think everyone should have the chance to experience a drink fit for royalty!

About Feisty Brood Meadery

Feisty Brood Meadery currently produces eight meads with the hope of showcasing the breadth and depth of mead varieties. While the possibilities are nearly endless, our lineup was crafted to demonstrate how sweetness and complementary flavors influence the base mead.

  • Citrus Inspiration, Orange Blossom Semi-Sweet, and Citrus Temptation are traditional meads made from orange blossom honey. These three meads vary in their level of sweetness from dry to semi-sweet to sweet.
  • Buckwheat Mead is highly unique and demonstrates how significantly the flavor of the mead is impacted by bees sourcing their nectar from different plants.
  • Spiced Sensation features the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves which illustrate how spices can be wonderful additions.
  • Blood Orange Libation is blended from orange blossom honey, but gets its distinct flavor from succulent blood orange added after fermentation.
  • Coffee Adoration delights the senses with the addition of locally roasted coffee beans for a subtle coffee aroma and lingering honey palette.
  • Zen Orange Blossom is crafted by co-fermenting red grape juice and honey to create the perfect balance between a fine Zinfandel and a well-aged mead.

These wines as well as others made be Feisty Brood Meadery will be available for tasting and purchase after the class.