Hide Tanning DVD



A comprehensive video that will guide you through turning a Deerskins into Buckskins using the Native American method of using animal brains or a more modern approach using soap or eggs.

This video is a field guide for hunters and gathers. It provides two full hours of expert, step-by -step instruction with detailed close-ups, a simple to follow style and 14 years of experience teaching thousands of people how to tan, and exactly what you need to know to successfully turn your deer, elk, moose, or buffalo skins into the leather.  You’ll learn the traditional method of brain tanning as well as how to use a dozen eggs or soap and oil instead.

Two years in the making, this video is easily the most detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow guide to brain tanning. Novices get to see what each step looks like: what it looks like when the grain is coming off properly, how much effort goes into softening, what different odd textures on the skin mean, what good, pumping smoke looks like and on and on. This kind of stuff is incredibly helpful in learning this tactile art.

Experienced tanners will appreciate learning the tweaks and improvements that Matt has learned in the six years since he wrote Deerskins into Buckskins (and received ideas and feedback from thousands of tanners); including the 15 minute step that makes a whole series of improvements in the process (easier, more thorough brain penetration, easier to soften hides, and hides that turn out incredibly, incredibly, soft in the end). We guarantee that you’ll learn a lot from this video!

  • Crucial if you don’t have access to hands-on instruction
  • Helps you see how to do each step of the wet-scrape process
  • Up-to-date with the latest info and most efficient methods
  • More than two hours of detailed, expert, step-by-step instruction