Hand Drills




handdrilllrgThe Hand Drill is the other classic way to make fire (the Bow Drill is the other).  In terms of equipment, all you need is a weed stalk and a relatively soft, flat piece of wood to “drill” into.  We offer several Hand Drill Sets all with a  different  types weed stalks.  If  you are a beginner we suggest you get a Sotol set. While making fire with any weed stalk takes a bit of practice, the Sotol set with its Seep Willow weed stalk is about the easiest to get a fire with and practice your technique.  In general the longer the weed stalk the easier it is to get a fire.

After you a confident with the Sotol sets you can progress to a Teasel Set witch use a Teasel weed stalk and a cedar fire board.  As your skill builds you can be progressively challenged by using other, more challenging weed stalk materials with their included cedar fire board.

All of our Hand Drill Sets are pre-tested to insure they will make a fire and come with you chosen weed stalk, fire board that is notched and burned-in, bag of shredded jute tinder, extra jute tinder twine, written instructions and a sample of the dust that came from your set as a guide to the color of dust you are looking for

Here is a list of materials and their relative difficulty for use as a hand drill.
Material     Length of stalk   Rating               Price
Sotol               (32″)                         1                          $ 38.95    (easiest)

Sotol               (28″ )                        1.5                       $ 34.95
Sotol               (26″ )                         2                         $ 29.95
Sotol               (22″)                          3                         $ 26.95
Sotol               (18″)                           4                         $ 24.95   (most difficult of the “easy group”)

Teasel             (22″)                          5                        $ 19.95    (easiest of the “moderately difficult” group)
Horseweed     (26″)                         6                        $ 29.95

Horseweed      (22″)                        7                        $ 24.95
Mullein            (22″)                         8                        $ 26.95   (hardest of the “moderately difficult “group)

Cattail              (22″)                         9                        $ 24.95   (Advanced Hand Drill difficulty)
Goldenrod        (22″)                       10                       $ 29.95  (Advanced Hand Drill difficulty)