Fire Volume 2 – 40 Ways to Make Fire without Matches (download)



Fire Volume 2 picks up where Fire Volume 1 ended…with advanced pointers and techniques for making fire with old fashion Flint & Steel, tips and tricks to get a Bow Drill Fire faster and more consistent and ways for easier Hand Drill fires not to mention how to use a Fire Plow, Fire Thong and Fire Saw.  Next we show an extraordinary number of ways you can create fire with sunlight before going into a variety of ways to make fire with electricity.  Finally, we present several ways to make fires in emergency situations using ordinary chemicals you may have on hand, plus some interesting, less common chemicals.  MORE THAN 40 WAYS to make FIRE without matches!
What’s in the Video…

Less Known Primitive Methods
If you were “Cast Away” could you create fire?  We show you how to make fire for real with a Fire Plow, as well as a Fire Thong, Fire Piston, Fire Saw and the famous Fire Pump Drill.

Lenses and Reflectors
We all know you can burn things with a magnifying glass but how can you use a shaving mirror to start a fire.  We’ll teach you how to make fires with eyeglasses, cameras, binoculars, and a wide variety of unexpected items such as light bulbs, hub caps off of a car, sandwich bags, soda bottles, pop cans, and broken mirrors.  You will even learn the secrets on making the “puddle”, ice and gelatin lens for fire making.

Did you know you can create fire with electricity from batteries in such common items as flashlights, radios or the battery in your car?  Learn how in this video!

If you find yourself in the middle of a power outage with no matches…no problem….light your grill with ordinary household chemicals.  Find yourself stranded… automotive chemicals can come to the rescue.  Learn some tricks using Magnesium striker bars, hunting ammunition, sodium metal, party favors like door poppers and magicians flash paper.