Fin Feather and Fur – Field Dressing Small Game (download)



A Complete training guide to Field Dressing Small Game 
This video will take you through a detailed step-by-step process of quickly and humanely killing, skinning, plucking, gutting, and cooking small game, including fish, birds and small four legged animals.  With the help of multiple camera angles, close-ups, and “over the shoulder” views, you’ll gain the confidence and skill to process your own catches.
What’s in the Video:

Learn how to process everything from small minnow-sized fish that are commonly eaten in survival situations, through medium-sized fish that you can prepare with minimal effort, all the way up to fileting giant game fish.  You will know how to prepare any size fish in any situation ranging from raw survival to elegant dining.

No matter how you get your bird, learn several ways to quickly and humanely fill it.  Master the arts of wet and dry plucking (removing the feathers) as way as how to avoid plucking your birds altogether.  Discover how to remove the birds internal organs and learn basic butchering.  Finally, learn tips and tricks for stewing and roasting your bird over a campfire.


Whether it was snared, trapped, shot, or road-killed, you will learn how to process any small four-legged animal!  Learn how to “case skin” the fur, remove and examine the internal organs, and butcher the carcass.  We show you how to stew, fry, and roast the meat foe a tasty, healthy, and nutritious meal.