Ferro Fire Starting Rod PLUS+

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The Ferro “Fire Starting” Rod Plus+” combines a fire starter with other survival related items to provide you with an “All in One” tool that you can rely on in any situation under any weather conditions
  • Each Ferro Fire Stater Plus+ come with a 550 cord lanyard with a color paracord tied lanyard to provide you with 3 feet of 550 cord (21 feet of 60-pound nylon string from the inner cords). Perfect for lighting campfires, hiking, BBQs, emergency situations and other outdoor activities.
  • The Striker is a 6-IN-1 Multi-Tool & Emergency Whistle.   This multi-tool striker can be used as a straight-edge striker, tinder scraper, map scale, ruler, hex wrench, bottle opener, besides, comes with a emergency whistle, it is a good tool when you are under the dangerous situation.
  • The unit is designed as a “Zero fail points” of flint fire starter allows you to spray 5500ºF (3,000ºC) sparks effortlessly and ignite any tinder, in any weather including rain, shine, snow, wind, fallout and in any altitude.
  • The Ferro Fire Starting Rod PLUS+ is Small, Compact, and Convenient.  It is good item in survival kits, this fire starter tool is also compact and lightweight enough to fit into your pocket. This fire starter is very convenient and compact for you to keep it all the time, hanging from your knife sheath, in your backpack, car glove compartment or purse!
  • It is effective in all weather conditions. Made of high effective ferrocerium rod.  It is windproof and waterproof, fits for any weather and any altitude.

$9.95 or 4 for $35
note: color of 550 lanyard may vary