Escape, Evasion, Invisibility Class




 Escape, Evasion & Invisibility

Class Length: 6 Days (Saturday – Friday)

Class Dates: June 3 – 9, 2017 (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)

Price $845

Class Location: Smokey Mountains (near Ashville, NC)

Prerequisites: This class is somewhat physically demanding. We ask that you commit to getting yourself in shape before this program to insure a fun and safe experience for everyone. A “reasonable” expectation would be that you can jog (slowly) for 20 minutes and still be able to talk at the end of the jog


Class Description

Stealth – Awareness – Survival – Self-RelianceGeronimo
Native American Scouts were the eyes and ears of their tribes. Their highly honed Survival and heightened Awareness skills were critical in insuring the safety of their people. Join us as we re-create this experience in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Days will consist of learning and practicing various skills, then perfecting them in a simulated “Real World” situation. You’ll learn how to move through the woods unheard and unseen as your Tribe moves as “one” through the landscape observing nature and neighboring tribes.
These skills are thousands of years old and can be adapted to fit any environment or situation…whether it be an urban, rural or wilderness setting.

This class will be a collaborated class between Midwest Native Skills and Richard Cleveland of Earth School. Come join us for this incredible experience.
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Skills you’ll learn during the week include:

  • Advanced survival skills
  • Advanced awareness exercises and techniques
  • Advanced tracking skills
  • Natural camouflage…essential for nature observation
  • Self-protection skills…enter the world of The Martial Arts*
  • Understanding the “Pulse” of the woods, allowing you to sense disturbances and potential threats
  • Learn to construct the ultimate “hide”…a Scout Pit (below right)


Applicants will be considered on a first come first served basis. Class size is strictly limited.  Scout_Pit1



* the Martial arts techniques taught in this class will NOT require any throws, kicks or other advanced moves but rather simple , but effective ways to escape from an unwelcomed arm grab or similar encounter. This portion of instruction will be taught by one of several guest instructors.  Instruction may include Aikido, Judo, Ninjitsu and Thai Kickboxing.