Emergency / Survival Radio (Analog or Digital)




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Kaito KA500, 5-way Powered Emergency AM/FM/SW,  NOAA, USB Cell Phone Charging, Weather Alert Radio with Solar, Dynamo Crank, Flashlight and Reading Lamp.

The KA500 is the perfect radio for emergencies and disasters.

  • Receives a wide range of broadcasting, such as AM, FM, shortwave, and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather stations.
  • It also has the NOAA Alert function, which allows you to receive emergency broadcasts in the event of any severe weather conditions in your area.
  • Different methods to power the radio’s built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack include:
    • Dynamo hand crank, USB cable (ex. computer)
    • Solar (utilize energy from the sun or natural light using the 180 degree adjustable solar panel)
    • 3 AA batteries(not included) and an AC adapter (not included)
  • Can charge cell phones, iPhones, Blackberry, iPods/MP3s and etc by utilizing the USB port. Plug in device and it will charge via crank handle, solar panel or AC adapter.
  • Can turn into a five LED adjustable reading lamp
  • Has an LED flashlight
  • Built-in SOS emergency light
  • Easily operated due to the large tuning knobs and function buttons
  • Dynamic wide range speaker for superb sound quality
What’s in the box:
-KA500 emergency radio, earphones, USB cable, and user manual


– FM: 88 – 108 MHz
– AM (MW): 530 -1710 KHz
–  NOAA Weather: 1-7
– SW1: 3.20- 8.00 MHz
– SW2: 9.00- 22.00 MHz
– Output power: 200 MW peak power using built-in speaker
– Headset jack socket: 3.5 mm
– External DC supply socket: 6 mm (positive center)
– Rechargeable batteries: 3 Ni-MH batteries 600mAh


– FM ≤ 20uV
–  MW ≤ 2.5mV
– SW ≤ 30uV



Kaito KA600L, 5-way Powered Emergency AM/FM/SW,  NOAA, USB Cell Phone Charging, Weather Alert Radio with Solar Charging Panel, Dynamo Crank, Flashlight and Reading Lamp, digital tuning with a larger capacity battery

The Kaito new KA600 is an improved version of the mostly loved KA600, we made the following changes to make it better:

  1. They increase the battery from 600 MAH Ni-MH battery to 2500 MAH Lithium Battery, lasts 3 times longer.
  2. They double the solar panel size to charge the battery better.
  3. They use a better speaker to make the sound soft and comfortable.
  4. The Radio comes with 5 Way Power:
    1. Rechargeable lithium battery
    2. Dynamo Cranking
    3. Solar Panel
    4. USB Port from any USB charger.
    5. AC Adapter (Optional)

KAITO_Digital_BackThe newest and most advanced model from Kaito’s Voyager radio family, the KA600L Vayager Pro is designed for both everyday use & emergency preparedness applications. It offers different methods to power up including optional AC/DC adapter(not included), the built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged by the AC adapter, hand cranking or a computer, and the patented flip-up 180-degree adjustable solar panel provides power for the radio even when no battery is installed. With its revolutionary design and versatile functions, it’s not only an ideal choice of a bedside radio but also an indispensable tool for emergency preparedness purposes, travelling, camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities.

At the heart of the KA600L, there is an internal generator that recharges the internal replaceable battery and powers the radio, flashlight and reading lamp. In addition, the radio features a standard USB female port to be used to charge the internal battery by connecting the radio to a computer via a USB cable, more importantly, the same port can be used to charge a cell phone or other gadget, therefore you can always have the peace of mind that you will be able to make a phone call even in the most desperate situation.

The KA600L has a wide range of band reception including AM, FM, Longwave, Shortwave and NOAA weather stations. The 7-weather channels are pre-programmed and numbered from 1-7, you can easily and conveniently tune into the stations by turning the switch, no more guess work involved. Plus if the radio is set at the “Alert” mode, it will be automatically activated when it receives the alert signals from the NOAA weather stations.
The Radio can be used as power bank that you can charge your cellphone or other electronic devices need a USB charge.
This is a high quality radio with both Short Wave and Long Wave bands and features RDS and Thermometer and Humidity indicator..

What is RDS?
Radio Data System, or RDS, is a communications protocol standard for embedding amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts. RDS standardizes several types of information transmitted, including time, station identification & program information.  This radio will display the radio station and brief info of the station.


  • FM:88-108MHz
  • AM (MW): 520-1710KHz
  • LW (longwave): 150-521KHz
  • SW (shortwave): 2,300-23,000 KHz
  • NOAA Weather: 1-7
  • Internal speaker: Diameter 66 mm
  • Headset jack socket: 3.5 mm
  • Rechargeable batteries: 18650 Lithium 2500mAh

– FM<10uV
– MW<1mV/m
– SW < 30uV

Dimensions: 9 ½ x 5 ½ x 2 ½ inches
Weight: 1 Lbs