Egyptian Bow Drill

From $29.95


The Egyptian Bow Drill in use

The “Egyptian Bow Drill” is a take-off of the traditional Bow Drill with the modification that there are 2 bow strings each being tied to the spindle in two separate place.  In use, as you bow one of the stings unwinds as the other sting winds around the spindle actually making it easier to use.  The top handhold is also modified into a peg and socket configuration to eliminate the spindle from flying out of the handhold and making applying downward pressure much easier.  Other than the modification to the apparatus the process of filling the notch up with dust and applying downward pressure with enough spindle speed to create enough heat to get the dust glowing red  is all the same as with the traditional bow drill.

Price: $29.95
Combination of a Traditional Bow Drill Set and the Egyptian Bow Drill: $55