DMT “Aligner” Knife Sharpener



The “Aligner™ Guided Sharpening System provides the components for guided strokes, exact edge bevel and consistent angles, producing the ultimate in fast, accurate knife sharpening.  Include are the interchangeable stone holder, blade guide, three 4” Diamond Whetstone™ sharpeners. This guided sharpening system can help beginners effectively sharpen their knives and tools while offering professionals a quick and easy-to-use sharpener.

What are the seven settings on the Aligne Guide?
The exact angle on the Aligner™ Guide will depend on the knife you are using with it. See the diagram below. Based on a 1” blade, the settings range from 16 degrees (shallowest) to 40 degrees (steepest). The seven choices are: 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, and 40 degrees. As you extend the guide rods out on the knife clamp, the angle of your knife becomes steeper relative to the diamond sharpener. Below are the sharpening angles that correspond to the notches on the upright key post.