Diamond Deburing Rod




Handle (utilized as holder to store diamond stone inside) has Non-Slip Finger Grip surface on body and chuck nut to aid in removing or replacing sharpening stone and for more positive control during tool use. Diamond stone has flat side for sharpening standard knives, round side for sharpening serrated knives, “V” groove for sharpening fishhooks, darts and arrows or all sides may be used for filing. Simply loosen built-in chuck, slide out diamond stone and tighten chuck nut. All machined parts are plated or made of materials to help prevent rust & corrosion. Handles & Holders Made In USA.

  • Half-round diamond coated rod sharpens straight edges
  • Tapered diamond tip sharpens serrated edged knives
  • Sharpening groove for fishing hooks
  • Reversible Diamond rod stores in the handle
  • Aluminum housing protects the sharpening rod
  • Pocket clip for easy carrying
  • Attractive 3/8” diameter anodized aluminum body
  • Pen size 5-1/2” long when closed (8” open) with pocket clip
  • Built-in chuck positions & firmly holds sharpening stone
  • Simply loosen chuck nut to remove & replace sharpening stone
  • Quality Diamond Coated sharpening length 2-1/2