Sharpening Steels and Knife Deburing Rods

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Regardless of what knife sharpener you use there will always be a “burr” over the edge of your freshly sharpened edge that must be removed before your knife will be truly SHARP.  This “burr” can be removed with just a few light swipes with a shapening steel, also know as a deburing rod. 
These rods can be short (a nice 4″ compact size) or long (as long as a foot or more long as sone chefs use) both work equally well and the length is simply the size that best fits your application (a 12″ long one is convienent for a chef in a restaurant kitchen and a 4″ length is ideal to include in a knife sharpening kit or your survival kit.
Survival Tip: When using your knife for an extended period of time you can extend the time between sharpenings by simply using your sharpening steel after every 5 minutes of continuous use of your knife.  Just make 6 passes along the sharpeneing steel to help maintiain the sharp edge.



Original Compact Sharpening Steel  Price: $15.95

This is our 4″ stainless steel “ribbed” sharpening steel that we have found workd very well to keep knife edges in tip-top condition.  The shorter length allows you to attach this steel to your knife sheath so that it is always available when you need it or just slip it into your Survival Kit since it takes up virtually no space for the benefits it gives you.  This is the sharpening steel that is included in the MNSI “Right Angle Survival Tool”.



Diamond Sharpening Seel Rod  Price: $19.95

Handle (utilized as holder to store diamond stone inside) has Non-Slip Finger Grip surface on body and chuck nut to aid in removing or replacing sharpening stone and for more positive control during tool use. Diamond stone has flat side for sharpening standard knives, round side for sharpening serrated knives, “V” groove for sharpening fishhooks, darts and arrows or all sides may be used for filing. Simply loosen built-in chuck, slide out diamond stone and tighten chuck nut. All machined parts are plated or made of materials to help prevent rust & corrosion. Handles &

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Holders Made In USA.

  • Aluminum housing protects the sharpening rod
  • Half-round diamond coated rod sharpens straight edges
  • Tapered diamond tip sharpens serrated edged knives
  • Sharpening groove for fishing hooks
  • Reversible Diamond rod stores in the handle
  • Pocket clip for easy carrying
  • Pen size 5-1/2” long when closed (8” open) with pocket clip
  • Built-in chuck positions & firmly holds sharpening stone
  • Simply loosen chuck nut to remove & replace sharpening stone
  • Quality Diamond Coated sharpening length 2-1/2


Chef Ceramic Hone Price: $32.00
Seated in a wooden handle, the 12-inch 1200 grit ceramic hone is a touch up tool that will restore an edge on a knife 10-15 times before it needs to be brought back to the sharpening stone.  The size of this ceramic honing rod works well with larger knives (10”+). A ceramic honing steel or ceramic rod is ideal for knife maintenance. Try this ceramic grit sharpening rod today.