Decagon (Titanium Alcohol Stove)

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DecagonBurningSimplicity Meets Extreme Durability

The Decagon Alcohol Stove is literally a huge step up in alcohol stove durability. Go ahead and step on it yourself and see! It is built to withstand the abuse of everyday use while on any outdoor excursion . With no movable parts and a one-piece titanium construction, you’ll see why the Decagon is a step above the rest.


  • Solid titanium construction
  • Large center filling hole (easy to fill with alcohol)
  • Bottom stability plate (remains stable even when using a large pot)
  • No moving parts (nothing to break)
  • Easy to use

Weight: 1.2 ounces   (34 grams)
Size: 2.25″D x 1.25″H  (57 x 32 mm)
Burn Time: 2o minutes