Crusader Mark II British Cook Kit


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Crusader_SetThis is one of the best “complete” cook kit systems in a single pouch we found.  In fact we liked it so much we decided to import it  from England to carry it in our Store.

The Mark II is the updated design has higher sides on the cooker providing adequate clearance between an alcohol stove and the bottom of your cooking pot (a vast improvement in efficiency and even cooking)  They designed in an alcohol stove holder in the bottom of the  base so that any of our alcohol stoves fit nicely into this holder,

 How it works: The crusader water bottle, cooking pot, cooking unit and mug all fit into a water bottle pouch that will fit on to your belt for use while on the move.

Content in detail; Water Bottle and Mug In transit, the cooker nests neatly and compactly beneath the Crusader Cup, which the water bottle and cup fit neatly into.The complete cooking system fits inside the PLCE pouch making it far easier to carry or store.  The Crusader Cup Canteen Constructed of high-grade mat-finished stainless steel. The cup also doubles as a cooking pot.The cup canteen is designed to fit beneath the 90 pattern water bottle and cup as part of the Crusader Cooking System.

The Crusader Cooking Unit An innovative solid and gel fuel field cooker which has been designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat soldier. An integral folding arm allows the cup to fit securely over a fuel crucible where Gel fuel or solid hexamine fuel blocks can be lit. A small slot provides efficient air intake, while the walls of the cooker provide shielding against wind. The cooker unit will boil 500ml of water in 8 minutes!! Water/Utility Pouch. Versatile large pouch mounts on a belt. Quick-release buckle opening.

  • Quick cooking time
  • The Boil time of 500ml of water with an MRE ration or Mountain House Meal is an incredible 5. 1/2 minutes.
  • The cooker and cup are hard anodized, giving it an easy to clean finished.
  • Compact
  • Multi-fuel
  • The Pouch can be molly mounted onto belts, ruck sacks or body armor.
  • Lightweight


  • Cup Volume: 750ml (internal measuring scale – 1.58 pints) Size: 13.7 x 10.2 x 10cm.
  • Complete Unit Weight: 910g
  • Pouch: Made from 1000 denier Cordura 22 x 16 x 10 cm






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