Church / Library / Community Groups / Jay Cee & Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Talks and Workshops

From $50.00


Our presentations are ideal for a company Luncheon program, Chamber of Commerce Speakers, Jay Cee meetings, Community Groups, Church Agendas and Continuing Education or Library presentations.  Our flat fee for these programs is $100.  Topics that others have choosen have been Home Disaster Preparedness, Wilderness Survival Tips and Tricks, Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Bee Keeping (in the suburbs), 40 Ways to Make Fire without Matches, Wine Making or just an open Q&A session with a Wilderness Survival expert.

 We do not have a “gloom and doom” approach to our “Preparedness” talks but rather a positive approach as to how you and your family, co-workers or friends can be more prepared for the next power outage, major snow storm, tornado or other emergency that could cause you to rely on yourself for safety and security.  Not having a plan is a bad idea and relying on the local or federal government to “save you” is little better (remember Hurricane Katrina).  Basic preparedness for an emergency just makes sense just like having car or home owners insurance makes sense to have.

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