Char Tube

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Flint & Steel fire starting is not only a reliable, nostalgic way to ignite your campfires its just plain fun to do and a small way to keep history alive in our modern world, however keeping enough char cloth in your kit is as much of a problem to as it was in the mid 1700’s.  You can sole THAT problem the same way that Daniel Boon or Simon Kenton did…carry a Char Tube with you in your Fire Starting Kit!

Made of brass, a char tube is a convenient way to carry a large amount of char cloth with you in a convenient carry case.  Simply push the wick up through the brass tube to expose the chard end of the wick.  Direct the sparks from your Flint & Steel so that a spark lands on the char of the wick and begins to glow red.  Place the char tube with the glowing char into your tinder bundle and begin to blow onto the tinder bundle as you normally would using traditional char cloth. Make sure that the glowing char is in contact with the tinder in your tinder bundle.  Continue to blow directly on the glowing char, manipulating the tinder bundle to maintain contact of the tinder and the char.  When to begin to see dense white smoke coming from your tinder bundle a few mor hard breaths into the tinder bundle, your tinder bundle will burst into flames.

Place the burning tinder bundle into your fire lay and pull the wick of you Char Tube back down into the brass tube.  Place something over the opening of the brass char tube to cut the air off from the glowing end to extinguish it,  If you use your finger to place over the end of the brass tube be careful, the brass tube may be HOT.


Brass Char Tube: $7.95
Replacement Char Tube Wicking: $4.50