Char Cloth Lighter (aka “Shepherds’ Lighter” )




  • This mini “lighter” is convenient to carry anywhere
  • No need to refill kerosene, lighter fluid, or gas, perfect for wilderness activities,camping or other outdoor activities.
  • It features high quality metal body and well-built interior structure and NO FLAME, just spark
  • Just strike the attached flint wheel to create sparks, sparks cartch on a charred cotton rope that has been partially withdrawn from a metal tube housing. This was typically used for lighting cigarettes but is alosso ideal for lighting tinder bundles which does not require a flame to accomplish. Once an ember is generated, it is windproof, and is extinguished by retracting the cord back inside the tube and an attached lid snuffs it out.
  • Package includes 1x WWII style Rope lighter.
  • Dimensions LxWxH: .43″ x .89″ x 2.38″
  • Weight 11 oz. (37.3 g)

Price $19.95