Camping Basics 101 Class – for individuals and families


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If you ever wanted to learn how to go camping or just “get back into it” this is the class for you.  We will be going over all of the basics and teaching all of the camping skills you need to know so that the next time you head out into the woods you will have both the confidence and the skills to have a successful camping trip, Rain or Shine.  Learn how to select the ideal camp site, how to set up a tent, how to sleep under a tarp, why you should not sleep directly on the ground, how to choose a sleeping bag, how to make a natural shelter, how to start a fire and how to cook over hot coals.  We will also include a few “Survival Skill ” topics like how to “Lost-Proof” yourself or your children” and how to construct a “survival kit” for your next woodland adventure.
This weekend will be a combination of two days of fun with two days of learning new outdoor skills that can open up a whole new world of future adventures for both yourself and your family.

Class Dates: Call for Fall Dates (888-886-5592)

Single Adult $125
Adult/Child pair: $195
Additional Adult $100
Additional Child $50

Meals included? – YES!
Ages of those attending:
   Adults: 18-85+
   Children 5-18
Class Location: Richfield Heritage Preserve Facility 4374 Broadview Rd., Richfield, Ohio 44286

  1. What do I need to take this class?
    – Very little…you will need an inexpensive tent.  One from Walmart would be fine.  Dicks Sporting Goods or REI will have a larger selection however the price range should be between $50 and $100 depending on the size (how many people) the tent will hold.  I would recommend getting a tent q person size larger than you expect to go camping with, for example if the tent is for you and a friend buy a 3 man tent.  If the tent is for you, your wife and a child buy a 4 person tent.  If you  want to wait to buy a tent until after the class (and sleep at home or in a nearby motel Saturday night) that is also an option.
    – You will need a foam pad to sleep on to insulate yourself from the ground
    – You will need a sleeping bag of blankets.  Do not buy a sleeping bag until after the class if you do not have one.
    -You will need a plate, cup and silverware.
  2. Are there bathrooms at the location?
    Yes there is a very nice outhouse at the location .  It does not have running water tho.
  3. Will my car be nearby?
    Yes, you car will be in a secured, fenced area about a 5 minute walk from where our base camp will be.  You will have th freedom to walk back to your car whenever you wish.
  4. What can I expect to learn?
    You can expect to learn all of the basic skills to go to either a State Park, National Forest or on hiking trails with your camping gear and set up a camping site in a safe and effective way.  You will learn how to start and maintain a campfire and how to cook over that campfire during camp-outs as well as several cooking techniques that you can use on your future excursions.
  5. If I forget or need something are there any stores nearby?
    Yes there is a Giant Eagle grocery store about a 10 minute drive from camp and a Walmat about a 20 minute drive, however we will supply most everything that you will need during the weekend.